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As of a couple of weeks ago it has been 1 year since Kellie and I undertook the massive step of purchasing the vineyard/cellar door property on which we had been renting for 6 years. And what an amazing, challenging, rewarding and fulfilling 12 months it has been.

We have removed completely around ¼ of the old vineyard. We have prepared around 6,600 young vines as rootlings which will be close planted to make a new vineyard this coming Spring. We have just completed our 9th vintage and it has all the hallmarks of a season for the ages, so we wait with anticipation of great wines to evolve over the coming months and years.

We have also undertaken the task of attempting to subdivide off a small piece of paradise on the property with a house and beautiful gardens and views which was always part of our plan to allow us mere mortals to even have a chance of securing such an iconic property as this one is.  It is this undertaking above all others which has brought us much stress and many struggles over the past year.

Some of you may well have heard or read in the media about some of the challenges we have been having with the bureaucracy and obscene levels of inefficiency which are having a direct impact on small businesses such as ours. Kellie and I never expected the path to owning this property would be without plenty of challenges and lots of hard work. However, when we are exposed to the craziness of time delays which we are experiencing at all levels of the bureaucracy which we are having to deal with and the ever increasing costs of doing so, it puts a big strain on our very small artisanal business.

We are not ones to cry out for a handout. This is not that type of email. But we are looking for your continued support.

We are not asking you to give us money to help us out. We are asking for you to buy some wine off us to help us out. Our wines are why you know about us in the first place. We are offering 2 wine pack specials for you to enjoy safe in the knowledge that buying some wines of us right now is being a direct help to us dealing with the huge task of taking on this next step for our family and our little wine brand.

Western Power Woes - 12 Pack :Unlike the expensive, antiquated, inefficient, unhelpful and completely incomprehensible systems in place for people to get their power and electricity plans sorted for subdivision in WA at the moment, we can assure you that your order of this 12 pack of wines from us will arrive promptly and will not disappoint.

Viva la Vigna – 6 Pack: Undertaking a complete replanting regime for our new vineyard was always an ambitious idea. However, it allows us to go right back to the literal ground level in establishing a small piece of vineyard perfection using only the highest quality steps from the very first. Purchasing this promotional 6 pack will assist us in the work we have done over the past 12 months and will do over the next 6 which is before a new vine has even been planted and help us to get this small patch in the best shape to grow the new chapter of Mr Barval wines.

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