Dilly Bag Collective

Supporting Artists from Remote Indigenous Communities

We are very excited to announce that we are now showcasing a unique collection of art from the community of Kalumburu in the Northern Eastern Kimberley where Winemakers wife (aka Mrs Barval!)  has been working as a Remote Area Nurse over the winter months. A COVID restriction inspired journey that took the whole family including Sam on a once in a lifetime experience.

This exhibition brings together all the artist groups in Kalumburu; Kira Kira Arts, Kalumburu Strong Womens Art Group, Kalumburu Photographers as well as supporting the up and coming artist through the youth program and Kalumburu Community School.

As with all our exhibitions this will be a non profit returning economic benefit to the artists with the remaining proceeds donated to a health/wellness project yet to be determined.

For those that cant visit the winery you can now see all artworks online at www.dillybagcollective.com