Dilly Bag Collective

Supporting Artists from Remote Indigenous Communities

We are very excited to announce that we are now showcasing a uniquee collection of art from the homeland communities of Nganambala, Wudicuplyderr, Merrepen and Nemarluk from very remote West Daly Region in the Northern Territory. Kellie  (aka Mrs Barval!)  has been working as a Remote Area Nurse has been running not for profit exhibitions supporting the communities that she has worked in as a Remote Area Nurse since 2019 but for the past 2 years has been running a women's wellness program in the above mentioned communities which uses art and cultural activities to bring women together and foster a sense of wellbeing through pride in culture and providing financial supports to the women in these communities. 

In addition to the current 'Colour Story' Exhibition which focuses on the ladies from these homelands telling their story of traditional weaving and bush colours there is also art from the Kira Kiro Artists of Kalumburu, Wood Artefacts and paintings from the Wadeye Men's Shed, paintings from Yuendumu from the Warlu artists, Indigenous titles from Magabala Books and traditional medicinal bush balms from Purple House and Kalumburu. 

For those that cant visit the winery you can now see all artworks online at www.dillybagcollective.com