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100% Syrah

11.8% Alc.

Production: 1433 bottles


 The Vineyard:

The fruit is grown on a tiny block on the western edge of the Walcliffe sub-region, right in the middle of the Cape to Cape region in Margaret River. The vineyard has a WNW exposure and lies on free draining, stoney, Forest Grove soils.

 The Season:

The 2019/20 growing season was characterised as being quite a warm one in respect to our typical mild Mediterranean seasons. Spring brought with it the typical mix of stunning days interspersed by a couple of significant storm events.

 Following on from a marginally warmer than usual spring, Summer arrived rapidly and we had several runs of significantly warmer than average temperatures which lead to an overall seasonal pattern of higher than average day time and night time temperatures – December in particular averaged 3 degrees warmer than average for day time maximum temperatures!

 Another key factor in our growing season weather was very low to no rainfall throughout the summer.

 What does all this mean for the grapes? The warmer temperatures resulted in the fruit ripening earlier than usual. The warmer than average days and lack of rainfall had the beneficial result of an extremely low disease pressure throughout the growing season meaning that the health of the grapes upon harvest one some of the best I have ever witnessed.


The fruit was hand harvested into small 8kg crates and brought immediately back to the winery for processing. The grapes were tipped 1 crate at a time through our Italian de-stemmer to gently remove the whole berries from the stem/rachis of the bunch. The grapes were de-stemmed  directly into our basket press and pressed immediately with no extended time given for maceration and colour pick-up. The grapes were gently pressed directly to seasoned oak barrels yielding a very low juice recovery rate of only 45% meaning that only the very finest of the free-run juice was extracted from the fruit to make this wine.

 The wine was allowed to undergo fermentation utilising the indigenous yeasts which came to the winery on the grape skins from the vineyard. The wine was fermented to absolute dryness (i.e. no sugar is left at all) and left for a couple of months on yeast lees to develop more complexity and texture.

 Following a primary racking, via gravity, off the heavy yeast lees to clean old barrels the Rosé was bottled un-fined and un-filtered. Overall the wine spent 9 months in wood.


The Wine:

This is a classic pale blush Rosé wine, with the light colour heavily suggestive of the light bodied nature of the wine. Aromas of delicate red berries as well as savoury hints from the barrel maturation and lees contact get all of your senses going. On the palate the low alcohol level really backs up the light body of this wine. High acidity reinforces the freshness and summery-nature of the wine and is balanced by some light red fruit notes and amazing mouthfeel and texture. Great complexity and length for such a light and youthful wine, this is screaming out for a hot summers day and plate of chilled seafood, or perhaps a tin of good anchovies and olives.




Robert Gherardi