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Vino Rosso

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60% Petit Verdot 22% Merlot 18% Malbec
14.2% ALC
Production: 3173 bottles


Once again the Vino Rosso arrives to continue the humble story of this wine which is really to provide a bit of a guilty pleasure for you. Wonderful mixes of florals, fruit and spice but with a generous, soft structure and low tannins, this wine was made for enjoyment.


The Wine:

The nose of this wine displays a dense mix of ripe red, black and purple berry fruit with an added layer of fresh petals. On the palate this is easily our richest wine, with mouth-coating texture. Although full bodied, deep and rich, the wine has an awesomely long palate length and fresh finish brought about by the significant proportion of Petit Verdot and the higher acidity which it brings to the blend. This wine will evolve well in bottle over 5-10 years but is also a guilty drinking pleasure right now.




Robert Gherardi